1. What will be the power if the PLAN for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine is same?
2. What is the indicator diagram?
3. What are the purpose of taking indicator diagram?
4. What are the types of indicator diagram?
5. What is indicated power? How to calculate power?
6. Steps to take indicator diagram?
7. Purpose of Power diagram, Out-of-phase diagram, Compression diagram, Light spring diagram?
8. When indicator diagram is taken?
9. What are the necessary precaution to avoid indicator malfunction?
10. What are the steps to be taken when compression pressure is low?

Automation - Instrumentation (Set 3)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Automatic burner shutdown in an auxiliary boiler, as a result of a component failure in the flame safeguard controls, will .

2. In a diesel engine closed freshwater cooling system, the amount of coolant flowing through the heat exchanger is controlled by the .

3. Under which of the following conditions must the combustion control system for a small automatic auxiliary boiler secure the burner?

4. Temperature control valves installed in the jacket cooling water system of a diesel engine, modulates the rate of water flow through the .

5. At the beginning of the prepurge period on an automatic auxiliary boiler equipped with a programmed control system, the unit will not restart if airflow is not sensed and _____________.

6. After a normal, or safety shutdown, automatic combustion control systems for an auxiliary boiler are designed to prevent the immediate refiring of a burner in order for the ______________.

7. Which of the following types of feedwater regulators is commonly used with a water-tube, natural circulation, auxiliary boiler?

8. Automatic combustion control systems for auxiliary boilers are designed to cycle burners on and off in response to the .

9. If the operating element of a thermostatic valve installed in a diesel engine cooling system malfunctions, it may result in .

10. Automatic combustion control systems for some auxiliary boilers are designed to cycle burners on and off in response to .