1. What will be the power if the PLAN for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine is same?
2. What is the indicator diagram?
3. What are the purpose of taking indicator diagram?
4. What are the types of indicator diagram?
5. What is indicated power? How to calculate power?
6. Steps to take indicator diagram?
7. Purpose of Power diagram, Out-of-phase diagram, Compression diagram, Light spring diagram?
8. When indicator diagram is taken?
9. What are the necessary precaution to avoid indicator malfunction?
10. What are the steps to be taken when compression pressure is low?

Haydraulic & Deck Machinary (Set 2)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which of the listed hydraulic system components could an O-ring seal be satisfactorily used in providing a seal?

2. Before performing any maintenance on a hydraulic system storing energy in an accumulator, you should ___________.

3. When installing a hydraulic hose, which of the following precautions should be taken?

4. To convert a vane type hydraulic pump to a hydraulic motor, which of the following would have to be done?

5. A reservoir, as used in hydraulic systems aboard ship, is used to store hydraulic oil. Another function is to ___________.

6. The amount of the cushioning effect developed within a hydraulic cylinder is determined by the ___________.

7. Strainers are commonly used in hydraulic systems to ___________.

8. A hydraulic system directional control valve fitted with "detent" will ___________.

9. An O-ring seal in a hydraulic system will begin to leak when it has lost its interference fit due to ___________.

10. Purging air from a hydraulic system is necessary when ___________.