Haydraulic & Deck Machinary (Set 2)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which of the listed hydraulic system components could an O-ring seal be satisfactorily used in providing a seal?

2. Before performing any maintenance on a hydraulic system storing energy in an accumulator, you should ___________.

3. When installing a hydraulic hose, which of the following precautions should be taken?

4. To convert a vane type hydraulic pump to a hydraulic motor, which of the following would have to be done?

5. A reservoir, as used in hydraulic systems aboard ship, is used to store hydraulic oil. Another function is to ___________.

6. The amount of the cushioning effect developed within a hydraulic cylinder is determined by the ___________.

7. Strainers are commonly used in hydraulic systems to ___________.

8. A hydraulic system directional control valve fitted with "detent" will ___________.

9. An O-ring seal in a hydraulic system will begin to leak when it has lost its interference fit due to ___________.

10. Purging air from a hydraulic system is necessary when ___________.