1. What will be the power if the PLAN for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine is same?
2. What is the indicator diagram?
3. What are the purpose of taking indicator diagram?
4. What are the types of indicator diagram?
5. What is indicated power? How to calculate power?
6. Steps to take indicator diagram?
7. Purpose of Power diagram, Out-of-phase diagram, Compression diagram, Light spring diagram?
8. When indicator diagram is taken?
9. What are the necessary precaution to avoid indicator malfunction?
10. What are the steps to be taken when compression pressure is low?

Metallurgy & Non-Destructive Testing (Set 2)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In radiographic inspections, the standard test piece included in every radiograph provides an effective check on the overall quality and bears a numerical relation to the thickness of the part being tested. This piece is called a/an ______________.

2. Which of the nondestructive testing methods can be easily used yet with good accuracy to detect, locate, identify, and measure defects in welds and base metals; regardless of material type and structure?

3. The internal force of a material, which tends to resist deformation when subjected to external forces, is known as ______________.

4. Which nondestructive testing method is suitable for use in detecting and identifying a diameter subsurface void in a six inch diameter stainless steel shaft?

5. Copper sheet metal that is to be used as a gasket, is usually annealed by heating it to a cherry red color, and then ______________.

6. Reheating a hardened component to a temperature lower than the hardening temperature and then cooling it is known as ______________.

7. When metal is tempered, it becomes ______________.

8. Ferrous metals are metals containing ______________.