1. What will be the power if the PLAN for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine is same?
2. What is the indicator diagram?
3. What are the purpose of taking indicator diagram?
4. What are the types of indicator diagram?
5. What is indicated power? How to calculate power?
6. Steps to take indicator diagram?
7. Purpose of Power diagram, Out-of-phase diagram, Compression diagram, Light spring diagram?
8. When indicator diagram is taken?
9. What are the necessary precaution to avoid indicator malfunction?
10. What are the steps to be taken when compression pressure is low?

Motor - Maintenance & Operation (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A loose crosshead plunger assembly in a metering or proportioning pump will cause ___________.

2. In a naturally aspirated diesel engine, the volume of air intake is directly related to engine ___________.

3. A naturally aspirated diesel engine at full throttle will have an intake manifold pressure _____________.

4. An increase in the air inlet manifold pressure of a diesel engine will result in a/an _______________.

5. On a large diesel engine installation, crankshaft axial alignment is maintained by the _____________.

6. The crankcases of many diesel engines are kept under a slight vacuum to ______________.

7. Maintaining the lowest possible scavenging air temperature at all times is not recommended due to the possibility of the _______________.

8. On a turbocharged, medium-speed, diesel engine, which of the following problems is an indication of a restricted air intake passage?

9. An indication of a diesel engine air intake being partially clogged, is _____________.

10. Load control on a diesel engine is accomplished by ______________.