Pipe & Valves (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The use of a needle valve in a piping system is recommended when requiring ___________.

2. The designation "schedule 80 extra strong " refers to ___________.

3. Piping cross-sections ranging from 3mm to 300mm in diameter, are sized by ___________.

4. On tankers using manually operated tank valves, the deck hand wheel indicator registers the ___________.

5. Which of the following descriptions could be applied to short lengths of pipe called nipples?

6. Fittings used to close the ends of pipe are called "pipe ___________".

7. Which of the valves listed will be cycled from fully open to fully closed when the handle is turned 90°?

8. The valve best suited for throttling gas or liquid flow in a pipeline is the ___________.

9. As routine maintenance, the bilge manifold valves are periodically removed and examined. Prior to resecuring the valve bonnets, the valve ___________.

10. On tank vessels equipped with power operated cargo tank valves, the type of power operator most commonly used is ___________.