1. What will be the power if the PLAN for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine is same?
2. What is the indicator diagram?
3. What are the purpose of taking indicator diagram?
4. What are the types of indicator diagram?
5. What is indicated power? How to calculate power?
6. Steps to take indicator diagram?
7. Purpose of Power diagram, Out-of-phase diagram, Compression diagram, Light spring diagram?
8. When indicator diagram is taken?
9. What are the necessary precaution to avoid indicator malfunction?
10. What are the steps to be taken when compression pressure is low?

Workshop Practice, Brazing, Welding & Gas Cutting (Set 4)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The complete tool used for manually cutting threads on pipe is called a pipe ____________.

2. Which of the listed punches can be properly used to free a tapered pin "frozen" in its hole?

3. To properly make and fit a new gasket to a flange, you should _____________.

4. Which of the following statements best defines "depth of cut" in lathe work?

5. The terms rough, coarse, bastard, second cut, smooth, and dead smooth refer to the _____________.

6. For greater accuracy, some micrometers have a vernier scale making it possible to read in increments of _____________.

7. A follower rest should be used with a lathe to machine _______________.

8. Many micrometers are equipped with a ratchet stop at the end of the thimble to _______________.

9. To commence cutting threads with a metal lathe, you should engage the ____________.

10. The correct torque value for a micrometer torque wrench is reached when ______________.